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Title : Move FileCommander from capdroid.com to otak.info
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Move FileCommander from capdroid.com to otak.info
I have been waiting for a good time to move the content from capdroid.com to otak.info, the reason is because I dont see the benefit of keeping capdroid.com which cost money and my energy, but unfortunately I could not find enough time to move all the contents (descriptions), so I just move the FileCommander Android application to here.

From now on, any update (additional new features or bug fixes) will be hosted here in otak.info.

Below is description of the functions:
  1. File Manager
    * Copy/delete/move/search/etc.
  2. Archieve file list manager
    * zip, jar, apk, etc.
  3. Hex file editor
    * complete with hex search to find specific hexa codes
  4. Web Server
    * to transfer files from/to device wirelessly
  5. Download browser
    * for Android less than v3.0 (honeycomb), when we download a file from Android browser we can use FileCommander to select the directory to save the file to.
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Write : 2013-12-01 19:00:26
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Total thread: 131
Total reply: 50

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Latest version of FileCommander
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FileCommander can be downloaded here
Currently the release version is v1.2.2

2013-12-15 : V1.2.2
* fix bug about downloading directly from FileCommander using built-in downloader when Android Browser trying to download UNKNOWN file type from Internet, eg: *.APK, etc.
* remove many deprecated APIs, use latest API and targetSdkVersion="19" (kitkat)

2013-12-01 : V1.2.1
* New feature : to display multiple sdcard folder path including usb OTG folders, I implements this feature because I bough Lenovo P780 which by default has "/storage/sdcard0" for its built-in storage, and external sdcard will be mounted at "/storage/sdcard1", for the first usb OTG (without using usb HUB) will be mounted at "/mnt/usbotg", second usb OTG at "/mnt/usbotg1"

2012-10-18 : V1.1y
* New feature : "Send to Bluetooth" for all file
* New feature : "About Dialog" show REAL EXTERNAL SDCARD PATH and Space Status (size/used/free/block size)
* Rename success popup show OLD and NEW filepath
* Added "*.amr" for audio type and "*.tiff" for image type

2012-02-16 : V1.1w
* Fix thumbnail width
* Show creation date of directory
* Support dynamic orientation (portrait or landscape)
* Change icon and name from DroidCommander to FileCommander (due to Blackberry Playbook 2.0 submission)

2012-01-26 : V1.1t (beta)
* Image file will have thumbnail image as its icon
* Fix bug related to SINGLE_TOP

2011-12-12 : V1.1s (beta)
* Fix move file to different storage space (eg: internal to external storage)
* Fix scrolling text Thread to stop when goes to standby

2011-11-22 : V1.1r (beta)
* faster download/upload .. use larger buffer size

2011-07-20 : V1.1p (beta)
* added Internal/External storage info in About popup dialog

2011-06-27 : V1.1n (beta)
* Added media format Video (.mkv), Audio (.flac), Text (.css and .js) and Archive (.gzip, .gz and .tar)

2011-04-27 : V1.1m (beta)
* maintenance fix

2011-03-31 : V1.1k (beta)
* maintenance fix

2011-02-11 : V1.1i (beta)
* Prevent screen off during Web Server active --> some device would kill WIFI during standby which cause server to stop.
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Write : 2013-12-01 19:10:12
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