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Title : Osaka, Japan, 5th July 1999
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Osaka, Japan, 5th July 1999
On my way to Seoul for the first time from Sydney, I transit in Osaka (Japan) on 5th July 1999 only for 1 night.

My plane is arrived on Osaka local time at 20:30, I immediately checked into the airport hotel to put my luggage there then I took a train directly to Osaka central city, this is my first time to see Japanese in their home country, it was quite normal and honestly I been quite disappointed because at that time I was expecting a techno city.

I walk thru the city, go into bar for some drinks, ate late supper at the side road, it was a kind of noodle soup, I forgot what was the food name, after most of the shops and places are closed then I just walk around and met a group of teenagers, they which quite interested to have a brief chit chat with me in English, unlike other adults which most of them quite scare and easily surprised to hear me asking some road direction.

I was waiting for the first early train to take me back to airport, in front of the train station entry gate I had a change to talk with a lady around the age of late 20, we have a friendly talk for around 2 hours while waiting for the train, I was surprised to know that she did not have any problem nor being shy to let me know that she works as a bar hostess.

Took the train, immediately went into my hotel room in the airport then clean my self, took breakfast then go to the airport for window shopping in the airport before my departure to Seoul.
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