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Title : Sony MDR XB30EX
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I went to headphoneshop.co.kr around end of April 2013, they have a lot of headphones and IEMs collection for all customer to audition before making purchase decision.

It was like I were in toy shop .. hahaha ... so happy and taking my time to try most of them from top of line headphone from Sennheiser to some cheap phillips IEM ;-)

After around couple hours, I have not suitable IEM for my main music player, Blackberry 9860, before I left the store I told myself that I should not leave empty-handed because I will be regret, so I purchase Sony MDR XB30EX in white color.

The sound quality tested in the showroom store is not very bad for the asking price $55, but when I opened the case and start playing some songs I feel a little bit sad by the sound quality because sound so muddy :-( .. but I relax myself by thinking that it is brand new and need breaking time 50 hours, so I calmed my self and go home.

Arrived home I checked some internet reviewed about this IEM, because I did not read any reviewed of this IEM while I were in the store. Unfortunately I could not find any useful review for this IEM, then I checked the online price which was $35 and I felt more sad for paying a high price.

The built quality is very good, the flat cable is nice but microphonics magnet, the cable jack is bent 90 degree with a nice flexible, I use the smallest ear tip from total of 4 tips, XB30EX can snug fit into my ear nicely without any discomfort.

After a week, the sound still muddy but with a lot of bass, I played with EQ to raise the treble but still the mid sound bad due to the bass bleed into mid. I read someone from the web that need to take out the filter from the tip of the IEM, so without hesitation I removed the foam filter tip, the filter tip use somekind of small glue so I ripped it off and I can see a hole, I thought that if in any event that one day some dirt go into the driver it may become problem, but for what it worth I already decided to do this trick. After that I can hear a lot of harsh high treble coming out and I thought "wow, did I just ruin it or just improve it ?" .. then I run some pink noise for about 10 hours. The sound definitely become more natural and much better to listen to.

Now after couple months, the sound signature has settled down, I feel this IEM is very good, I keep asking myself whether I should buy another one which is XB90EX with larger driver.

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Write : 2013-07-08 15:38:21

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