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Title : Audio Technica M50s/LE (Limited Edition)
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Audio Technica M50s/LE (Limited Edition)
I purchased Audio Technica M50s/LE on 04 June 2013 from http://www.dontblameyourears.com (Indonesian audio dealer), I paid $200. I did not buy it in Seoul, South Korea because I could not find the LE version, so I asked my brother to send it to me.

I read from the web that there is no difference between M50s/LE with the normal M50 but I just wish there is a slight sound quality, until now I did not know if there is any different.

There are a lot of reviews about M50 especially in head-fi.org and mostly positive, so I decided to collect 1 for myself too. When I received it and tried it on, I feel this bad boy is very heavy, it is the heaviest compare to all my other headphones. The build quality is good like what people said plastic but strong. The fold-able design is a plus point for my purchase decision because I owned several other headphones which can NOT be folded and causing my storage problem.

The cable is straight (the original AD M50 use curly cable) as very long and very heavy, the plug jack default is 3.5mm which is good because I use it mainly for portable player/DAC. My Blackberry 9860 and iPhone 3GS can provide more than enough power to play music loud and leak disturbing to other people surround me.

I have this headphone more than 1 month, but unfortunately I dont use it as often as I can because it is very big and heavy, I will just keep it like my other headphones ... collecting dust .. lol

The head band grips my head like no other headphone in my collection, this is another problem that I found it reducing its usability, strong grip makes my ears sweaty even only for 15 minutes .. :-(

The sound quality is good, bass is not enough but I wish it has more deeper sub-bass, but maybe it is not break-in enough. One day maybe I will mod this headphone to change the cable to be detach-able for easy storage and for using shorter cable.

Audio Technica M50s/LE (Limited Edition)
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Write : 2013-07-08 16:22:55

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