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Hariyanto Lim

정길상 / 鄭吉祥
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On 24 June 2013, I have finally converted OTAK.INFO from simple description of my created website list into my own personal blog, I will slowly add more content into this website from the beginning again, I choose not to use a free blog site because I need to maintain my data easily including making backup for my local computer use, also I often found my self in needing of an electronic diary which I can customize the UI and engine to my own taste as I highly value the feature to be able to add information quickly and easily, it is priceless.


  • To share information which I deemed as useful as a reminder.


  • To reduce the time to solve future problems by reminding how to solve previous problems.

Contact me

  • By email: HARIYANTO dot LIM at GMAIL dot COM

Since 19 January 2007
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Code update 24th June 2013
Brain is a very capable to solve big problems
but requires constant reminders about how to.
peace bird