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Title : iPhone 3GS 32GB (new bootrom, week 48)
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iPhone 3GS 32GB (new bootrom, week 48)
I bought iPhone 3GS 32GB from my friend for $50 in the middle of June 2013, just to use it as a music player.

My friend did NOT use it for more than 1 year so that is the reason he was willing to part with it, at first the sound quality was bad, but after couple weeks the sound much better, so I believed that any audio player in new or old (unused for a long time) need some burn in to make sure the built in amp chip got "warm and crispy".

The low bass sound from iPhone 3GS is much better than my current Blackberry 9860, so I transferred all my high bit rate MP3 music files to iPhone 3GS and start using it to replace my Blackberry 9860.
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Write : 2013-07-10 09:07:30

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