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Title : Change primary key and index field
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Change primary key and index field
To remove current primary key
alter table nomor_perdana drop primary key;
If the current primary key to be removed is an AUTO_INCREMENT then MySQL error (eg: incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key) will occurred, so need to modify the type from "int AUTO INCREMENT" to normal "int"
alter table nomor_perdana modify column nomorPerdanaId int;
To drop an index column
alter table nomor_perdana drop index nomorPerdanaId;
NOTE: can not drop index of multiple columns, must drop it 1 by 1.

ALTER TABLE nomor_perdana ADD CONSTRAINT UNIQUE (nomorPerdanaId);
To add a new index (unique constraint) multiple fields
alter table nomor_perdana add index (nomorPerdanaId, memberId, nomorPerdanaNomor);
NOTE: in order for "insert into table ... on duplicate key update ..." to work properly then must follow rule : one of the index MUST BE primary key !!!

To change normal "int" field type to "int AUTO INCREMENT"
alter table nomor_perdana modify column nomorPerdanaId int auto_increment;

Change primary key and index field
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