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Title : Installing Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop in Skylake desktop using USB flash disk
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Installing Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop in Skylake desktop using USB flash disk
I just recently built a new new Skylake mini desktop with spec Asrock DeskMini H110M STX + i3 6320 + 16GB RAM + Seagate HDD 2TB (ST2000LM007.

The installation of Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop is quite problematic, starting the first problem which unable to boot from my bootable usb flash disk, so I move the Seagate HDD to other notebook (i3 Sandy Bridge) and I installed the Ubuntu 16.04 perfectly then move the HDD back to my mini desktop.

Ubuntu 16.04 boot is very slow, sometimes it reached 9 minutes !!, so some things are definitely wrong, I checked the Internet and found so many people having so many issue with Ubuntu 16.04 in Skylake system, some suggest to use Ubuntu 15.10 which can work out of the box but I did not try it, so anyway the solution to the slow boot and lag issue is about drivers, the first thing to do is to install Intel Skylake Driver then the boot time is reduced but still laggy.

The next step is to see "systemd-analyze blame" to see what caused the slow boot then fix them one by one, in my case I need to disable or remove a few services which I found useless and troublesome.

After around 4 days, finally I am happy with my setup, my Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop with kernel 4.4.0-36-generic (uname -r) can boot and show login screen in around 20 seconds and I still using htop to monitor processes if there is any other lag, so far my Chrome browser speed is very good ^.^
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Write : 2016-09-10 22:44:49

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