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Title : Installing Photoshop CS2 in Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine
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Installing Photoshop CS2 in Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine
I choose to use Photoshop CS2 with Wine because it is smaller, faster and I dont need other advanced features like in Photoshop CS6 which need to use PlayOnLinux.

I have downloaded the single file "PhSp_CS2_English.exe" and execute it with Wine, after Photoshop CS2 is installed then I try to run it from Dashboard and my Photoshop CS2 is hang on "Initializing tools" and I found the solution from "http://askubuntu.com/questions/481323/cant-run-photoshop-cs2-on-ubuntu-14-04-x86-64", someone said:

"Run winecfg, in Libraries tab add twain_32.dll, press Edit then disable it. That's it!"

I followed it and behold, my Photoshop CS2 is working well, I have tried to create/save/load data and everything seem good ^.^
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Write : 2016-09-10 22:52:00

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